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Why genomic Testing

​Genomic testing is different from genetic testing because it looks at all of a person's genes, rather than focusing on a specific gene, or set of genes. Genomic testing looks broadly for gene alterations, or harmful changes, anywhere in the genetic code. Here is just a partial list of how genetic testing can play a significant impact on any healthcare model. 

  • Prescribe drugs that work: Limits adverse drug reactions and targets medications by identifying genetic biomarkers affecting drug response and we can use this information to make better drug therapy decisions for each individual

  • Results improve health decisions

  • Genetic testing included as part of a patient’s EMR can improve medical decisions

  • Patient management

  • Early detection of disease

  • Increased patient compliance

  • Tracking the true costs of care


In addition, Gene Tox Lab Solutions has invested a lot of its efforts in helping physicians and patients obtain these reports in a secure and confidential manner. Our CAP/CLIA servers are capable of protecting patients’ medical records and genetic data. We also provide a HIPAA-compliant interface that lets physicians securely retrieve these reports and manage user access through easy-to-use control panels.

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