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Federally Qualified Health Centers

One of the biggest challenges FQHC’s are dealing with today are the multiple co-morbidities of their patient population. According to HRSA, the top 5 pathological conditions  by  patients/visits are as follows:

Overweight and Obesity:        5.4M patients, 11.2M patient visits/year

Hypertension:                         4.5M patients, 11.5M patient visits/year

DiabetesT2                              2.4M patients, 8.1M patient visits/year

Depression/Mood Disorders   2.3M patients, 7.8M patient visits/year

Anxiety and PTSD                  2.1M patients, 6.5M patient visits/year

Our Pharmacogenetics test panel, in addition to our Diet and Exercise genetic test panel, will help to improve the outcomes of these patients, as well as reduce the overall cost of managing these patients.

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