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Chief Executive Officer

Managing Partner


Catherine Rells is Chief Executive Officer and Managing Partners of Gene Tox Laboratory Solutions, LLC.  Catherine has a vast amount of experience in leading organizations to new levels of revenue and production in the health care arena. Her previous position was Senior Manager of Special Projects for Vista Community Clinic where she led the efforts to build new revenue streams and develop relationships with specialists, hospitals, and payors.  Prior to Vista Community Clinic, Catherine served as the Chief Administrative Officer for Operation Samahan.  She was successful in leading a project to implement a new Electronic Health Record as well as one of several executives who prepared the organization for the first federal audit as a new FQHC. Her talent for developing relationships allowed the organization to create new collaborative arrangements with community partners. Catherine’s diverse background includes other positions in various industries including: Director  of Human Resources, Sr. Director of Business Development, and Director of New Customer Relations.

She has served the business community through her involvement with World Trade Center San Diego (WTCSD) Membership Committee and Internal Business Leadership Awards Judging Panel Chair and as Treasurer on the Board of Directors for San Diego Health Information Association (SDHIA).

Catherine’s desire to continuously improve as a leader has led her to study and facilitate CEO groups that focused on Servant Leadership principles, with the focus of positively impacting others within their organizations and community. Her ability to establish lasting relationships with clients, employees, and board members while modeling servant leadership values are characteristics that that will be demonstrated individually as a leader and collectively as an organization make her very qualified to lead Gene Tox Lab Solutions.

Dr. Steven Ross

Chief Medical Officer

Managing Partner

Dr. Ross is Chief Medical Officer and Managing Partner of Gene Tox Lab Solutions, LLC. Dr. Ross comes from over 36 years of private practice, as well as building multiple successful companies. He has a strong background in the sciences, health care, and building successful health care facilities. He has passion in Genetics and Genomics and the possibilities of how it is changing the landscape of health care today.

Dr. Ross successfully built two multidiscipline clinics in Minneapolis, Minnesota starting in 1982 before moving to San Diego in 2004. With 25+ employees, including multispecialty physicians, his clinics received numerous recognitions for being one of the first multidiscipline clinics in the Midwest, generating over USD 1.9M in yearly revenues between both facilities.

Upon arriving in San Diego in 2004, Dr. Ross began lecturing on multiple health related subjects, and shortly became a much sought after speaker on health care. In 2007, he published his first book entitled “Curing the Cause and Preventing Disease, A New Approach to the Diagnosis and Treatment of Disease and Aging with Functional Diagnostic Medicine”. Concurrently, Dr. Ross created and produced “Body Talk Radio” and “The Integrated Medicine Hours Radio Show,” listened to by thousands every week, and has appeared on both local and national television.

Dr. Ross’s unique qualifications include, but are not limited to: business development, Genetic Medicine, Laboratory Workflows, Precision and Integrative Medicine. He is a very passionate speaker and educator on Genetics, Genomics, Precision Medicine and the future of health care to a diverse group of professionals, and is very qualified to create and teach providers, patients and the lay population.

James Padilla

Chief Operational  Officer

Managing Partner

Dr. Padilla is Chief Operation Officer and Managing Partner at Gene Tox Lab Solutions. Dr. Padilla has been in private practice for 25 years and has built 2 successful practices in San Diego. He was one of the first practitioners to introduce integrative therapies into his clinic. He was the first integrative practitioner brought on by Scripps Clinic which he is still a provider today.

Dr. Padilla is a graduate of Southern California University of Health Sciences and has done advanced studies in integrative and functional medicine and Interprofessional Collaboration to Improve Health Care. He is a qualified medical evaluator for the State of California and was practitioner of the year in 2001 for the Master’s Circle Group.

Dr. Padilla has served as chairman for the Institute for Integrative Medicine and The Advanced Med Academy. He has been on numerous talk shows and has spoken across the US on patient communication. He is the author of the "Quick Start Guide to Integrative Medicine" and was co-host for "The Integrated Medicine Hour Radio Show."

Dr. Padilla's has a passion for personalized medicine and making a difference in today's chaotic medical environment. His goal is to create tailored health recovery programs that involves patient's taking an active role in their own healthcare. His strengths lie in patient communication, leadership, organization and disruption of the norm.