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Board Members

Anette Asher.png

Anette Asher

Board Chair


Anette is a seasoned healthcare leader whose contributions to using technology to improve healthcare are well-known in California. Anette is devoted to improving the lives of seniors and family caregivers. During her time as CEO of George G. Glenner Alzheimer's Family Centers, she experienced firsthand the importance of supporting caregivers. She was inspired to create a new program called Care to Caregiver, that will use technology and other resources to help mitigate caregiver burn-out and prevent caregivers from overloading an already overburdened healthcare system. Prior to Glenner, Anette was CEO of the Life Science Information Technology Global Institute (LSIT). She later served as director of life sciences information technology through the merger with Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society and led the LSIT Committee in the development of Good Informatics Practices (GIP)- addressing: compliance, regulatory, policy and procedures and best practices for healthcare


Tony Baron.png

Tony Baron, PhD


Over the past 25 years, Tony Baron—an internationally recognized speaker, writer, and consultant on the subject of creating servant leaders and transforming churches and corporations—has successfully started two consulting firms based on the concept of servant leadership. Baron is also founding president of Servant Leadership Institute, a resource think tank on leadership development and transformation, and has shared his expertise with churches and denominations, and many of the Fortune 100 companies. Dr.  Baron is the author of six books, and most recently completed a workbook manual with noted author and business leader Ken Blanchard. His research led to the publication of Violence in the Workplace: A Prevention and Management Guide (1993), and When Work Equals Life: The Next Stage of Workplace Violence (2000).



Padma, Kodukula, PhD, MBA


Dr. Kodukula is VP, Business Development and part of the executive team at Precision NanoSystems. At Precision NanoSystems, Padma is responsible for global business development activities, including strategic commercial deals, licensing, collaborations and partnerships. Padma has worked in the diagnostic, pharmaceutical and research industries with success in closing strategic partnerships, leading the development and launch of multiple technology platforms and therapeutics. From 2014-2018, Padma worked within the business development team at Human Longevity Inc. where she fostered collaborative partnerships with pharma, academia and health systems to deliver on the promise of genomics and data analytics to revolutionize healthcare. From 2010 to 2014, Padma worked within the licensing and OEM team at Life Technologies managing the qPCR and capillary electrophoresis platforms and enabling collaborative partnerships with molecular diagnostics and pharmaceutical companies. Prior to that Padma held various program management and alliance management roles at Prometheus Laboratories, Biosite, Pfizer and BD Biosciences. Padma received her PhD in viral immunology from University of Illinois at Chicago and MBA from San Diego State University.


Damian McKinney.png

Damian McKinney


Damian has been the Founder & CEO of his own commercial real estate company over the last 40 years through multiple names through the years, which is now known as McKinney Capital & Advisory. Damian was past Board Member of The Modern Honolulu, The American Cancer Society, San Diego North EDC, and was the President of the Board for Kids Included Together.

 What sets Damian apart in the commercial real estate industry is his focus on the triple bottom line and his personal mission to live to serve others. He views McKinney as an extension of his family, and the team values his ability to calm the waters when they’re rough and be a guiding light. Whether he is serving his clients, his family, or the community, Damian’s goal is to empower others to become better versions of who they are. Though the numbers are the backbone of our industry and company’s success, our purpose and “why” behind what we do is as well. Damian’s greatest success over the last 40 years has been creating a culture of Servant Leadership within his entities and organizations across commercial real estate, hospitality, investment portfolios, and in the community.


Michael Catania.png

Michael Catania, PhD


Dr. Catania is an R&D leader with over 17 years of experience in diagnostic product development from research phase through FDA clearance in both small and large company environments. Experienced in design control process, FDA QSR/ISO13485, and project management. Demonstrated capability building and leading high-performing teams. Dr. Catania successfully developed and commercialized the first FDA-approved blood test for the brain, to help physicians determine the need for a CT-scan following mild brain injury/concussion. He also developed FDA cleared and CE marked products in the areas of women's health, pharmacogenomics, and blood coagulation disorder susceptibility. Dr. Cantania has contributed to the success of several IVD companies including Gen-Probe and Nanosphere (the latter directly resulting in a successful IPO). He has also created and implemented systems and processes to deliver quality products that met Quality and Regulatory requirements as well as strategic business plans. Dr. Catania has led diagnostic product commercialization on both novel and established platforms for US and EU markets at both large and small companies.


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